But you can‘t come back all the way.” As somebody near and dear said not so long ago.

So that was a good start, back in March, but “what happened?” The perennial question. To which I can only say those who know know, and those who don’t…But here I stand, I can do no other.

Whither Bucketfull Of Brains? Now I fancy we’re damned to existence and things go on happening under covers, but slowly. Whether there’ll be another magazine is a moot point . Eventually you wonder, if you’re doing a magazine that the artists love and the music business couldn’t give a shit about, you might be doing it the wrong way round. But, to repeat, we can do no other. We (and that’s not royal btw) fell in with musicians a long time ago and we rub along very well. There are meetings afoot, and we’re Zigzag kids who like the print, so I don’t discount it. But I think we’ve had our fill of being mail order slaves and I’ve seen enough post offices to last a lifetime so…Watch this space.

Meanwhile the juggernaut that’s the BoB label is cranking up the engines. Still an incomplete study and still finding it’s way but keep watching.