Richard Warrens musical career began in the mid 90s and has encompassed everything from the dynamic power-pop of The Hybirds, to an ephemeral burst of cult success as sonic explorer Echoboy, not to mention a few revolutions of the planet with Spiritualized and the legendary Mark Lanegan. Richard’s latest studio album The Wayfarer is the follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2010 solo debut Laments, and a masterpiece of driving folk-punk, full of fire and working class pride, stripped to a brutally sparse frame and conjuring up spirits of the death-balladeers of the Fifties.
“An accomplished guitarist with an ear for the dramatic. Like Richard Hawley’s accursed brother.” THE INDEPENDENT ****
“twanging Like Roy Orbison and kicking up dust Gun Club style.” UNCUT

Now resident in Florida, Bob Rafkin was originally part of the Greenwich Village folk community in the 60s, where his exceptional guitar work led to him playing for legends such as Phil Ochs, Joni Mitchell, The Everly Brothers, Randy Newman and Tim Buckley. He’s also a very fine singer-songwriter in his own right, with a number of acclaimed solo albums to his credit. Bob returns to the UK with his tenth CD, Twenty Eleven, just released.

From São Paulo, Brazil, Gus Garcia sings in English, and his fascination with UK artists and culture is evident in his highly distinctive music. He released an excellent EP, Many Hiding Places, a couple of years ago and the even better, long-awaited follow-up, Medieval, is available now.

A stripped-down mix of Richard Warren’s The Wayfarer is cover-mounted on BoB#78/79. There is also an interview with him. Bob Rafkin talks in the same issue about his times with Phil Ochs. Still available here.

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