Possibilities Front

A Bucketfull Of Possibilities was the last various artists compilation Terry and Nick compiled for Bucketfull. Unlike the previous three (and the Zip and Citadel collections) this was a stand-alone production in a jewel box. Also it didn’t come with the magazine but was sent separately to all subscribers.

At that stage there was considerable doubt as to the continued viability of the magazine. In March 2003 Nick had returned from the ECMAs in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to discover that Caroline Distribution would no longer be stocking and selling magazines. It was the Caroline sales that guaranteed the income keeping the mag going.

The magazine had a bit of capital so pressed on regardless and decided the projected CD might as well happen. The consequence was Possibilities and you can read our thoughts about it below.

Possibilities Grab

1 Sigmatropic Featuring Carla Torgerson – Haiku 13

2 Snail – Bamboo Rain

3 Diamond Star Halo – The Sky is Falling

4 Brett Smiley – Blame It On The Moon

5 Aerovons – Stopped

6 Phil Seymour – Love Letters

7 Drazy Hoops – The Starry Skies Can Only Cry

8 Sgt. Arms – Company Girl

9 Victor Krummenacher – Do What You Gotta Do

10 Walter Ghoul’s Lavender Brigade – Merry Xmas Elizabeth Kimbal

11 Jon Green – Back To The Feeling

12 Steve Wynn & The Miracle 2 – California Style

13 Nelson Hubbard – Baby Doll

14 Marc Carroll – You Saved My Life

15 Jet Lag – Beautiful Scars

16 Cotton Mather – Private Ruth (Acoustic Demo)

17 Rick Corcoran & Markus Holler – Harder Now

18 Gus Black – Confetti

19 Windbreakers – Don’t Wanna Know

20 Warm Wires – Party Heart

21 Ju Ju Babies – Sirius

I was playing it the other day and it still sounds good. We have a few so should you want one please order.

It’s £6.50 to the UK, £10 to Europe, and £11 to USA and ROW and we’ll send it to you – request HERE.