silver apples_oscillations

I haven’t really been paying much attention to the upcoming RSD and the various supposed ‘must-haves’ that these events always engender. However here’s a 7” that does interest me. (Update: it’s now confirmed this is a 12″ and the press release was in error. I’m nothing like as interested in that as an artefact – 7″ or even better 10″ is always my preference these days).

The Silver Apples revisit their 1968 wonder ‘Oscillations’ (listen below). ‘Oscillations’ 2019 is Simeon’s new studio recorded, upgraded and augmented version of the original classic track of the same name and reflects how he likes to play it live. Or as he says, ‘Mixing it Up’.

The flip, or AA side is ‘The Edge of Wonder’ remixed by Andrew Weatherall.
Weatherall is a huge Silver Apples fan, so no surprise he wanted to do a remix. This was his favourite track of the last album, Clinging To A Dream. Here he lovingly works his magic on this extended remix.

It’s released by Enraptured. You won’t currently find much on their website so Twitter is a better bet.