The current carriers of the flame of Gram Parsons’ seminal late 60s country-rock ensemble; with a stretch, an unbroken chain connects them to the genuine Burritos. Appropriating the name and design of the finest Byrds album (spoiler alert: no horse) makes for heavy baggage; you wonder why when it’s perfectly clear they’re inventive musicians in their own right.

The highlight, ‘Love Is A River’, running to almost ten minutes, more than once bridging to a fresh section, might be considered a suite, while ‘Bring It’ is an exemplary rocker with impressive guitar. There’s also a couple of interesting re-workings of 60s tunes; ‘Sometimes You Just Can’t Win’ shaking up Fred Neil’s ‘That’s The Bag I’m In’ while ‘Hearts Desire’ adds flesh to an obscure and skeletal Moby Grape tune.

However a redundant ‘Dark End Of The Street’, and a tendency to load originals with lines from other songs inclines them to tribute band territory. Meanwhile the true legacy of The Byrds and Burritos lies elsewhere, with folk like Brent Rademaker and The Hanging Stars. It would be so much better for these guys if they dropped the shtick and let us see what they are really capable of.