The sounds on regular rotation at BoB Towers. This isn’t measured criticism, it’s simply a list. But trust me it’s all good.


Bennett Wilson Poole 

Songs For Somewhere Else: The Hanging Stars

Dungeness: Trembling Bells

The Ox And The Ax: Cath & Phil Tyler

Franklin: Kings Of The South Seas

St Peter: Emma Tricca

Abbey Wood: Jack Hayter

The Old Guys: Amy Rigby

Widdershins: Grant-Lee Phillips

Amerikana Arkana: The Magic City Trio

Broken Stay Open Sky: Red River Dialect

All At Sea: Foghorn Leghorn

The Next Big Nobody: Felix Holt & The Radicals

Selective Memories. An Anthology: Luther Russell

When The Day Is Done: The Orchestrations of Robert Kirby