Version 2

Listening to her fascinating Freak Zone Playlist (no longer available sadly) the other week I was reminded that back in 2006 we’d interviewed Gwenno and put her then-band The Pipettes on the cover.

That was in Bob#70 and looking back the whole issue strikes me as a rather good issue.For one thing there’s a piece on The Eighteenth Day Of May – a chat with Ben, Karl and Richard – when they were still a going concern. It’s sad to think it’s over a decade since they split, but since between them they’ve birthed The Left Outsides, The Hanging Stars, Lake Ruth, Trimdon Grange Explosion, and The See See (and who have I forgotten?) our regret must be a little tempered.

There’s also interviews with John Doe, Howe Gelb, Jason McNiff, Ian North of Milk’N’Cookies, Scott Morgan of Sonic’s Rendezvous Band. Alan Tyler and Jeremy Gluck provide recollections of Nikki Sudden, and there’s a photograph of Robin Wills.

Copies are still available . To order please visit our other site here.