Celebrating 45 years as a recording artist, Ed Kuepper announces three new retrospective releases spanning four decades and a large chunk of his post-Saints musical output.

1. Ed Kuepper – Singles ’86 – ’96.

2. Laughing Clowns – Golden Days: When Giants Walked the Earth

3. The Aints! – Live at The Marrickville Bowlo

All three collections will be released on limited edition coloured vinyl with Kuepper’s singles selection to also be released as a 2CD set featuring a bonus disc comprised of B-sides, EP tracks and fan faves.


Ed Kuepper – Singles ’86 -’96 (Prince Melon Records)

This turns out to be Kueppers first ever collection of 45’s and CD singles. From the spaghetti-western inspired opener of the 1986 cult-fave ‘Also Sprach The King Of Euro-Disco’ through the baroque overtones of penultimate track ‘All Of These Things’ – an overlooked classic in anyone’s language – via the coulda-been should-been of the much covered (and much coveted) 1992 classic ‘The Way I Made You Feel’ these tracks and the other seventeen collected here point to Kuepper’s seemingly effortless ability to roll out classic after classic during a decade that was arguably his most prolific.

Laughing Clowns – Golden Days: When Giants Walked the Earth (Prince Melon Records)

Golden Days meanwhile, is an entry-level collection of Kuepper’s immediate post-Saints band Laughing Clowns. Spanning 1979 – 1984 (as long as the lifespan of The Saints themselves) Laughing Clowns pushed the boundaries not just of conventional music but of the post-punk world also, literally turning all standard musical practices on their head by incorporating free-jazz, bluegrass, krautrock and more into one big beautiful petridish. The classic ‘Eternally Yours’ is included here as are the equally as worthy ‘Everything That Flies’, ‘Holy Joe’ and more.

The Aints! – Live at The Marrickville Bowlo (Fatal Records)

The Aints! debut album The Church of Simultaneous Existence was the surprise hit of 2018. Twelve Kuepper penned tracks written in Brisbane, London and Sydney during the time frame 1969-1978, in and around the formation of The Saints the band Kuepper co-founded and appeared with from 1973 until their dissolution in 1978. Live at The Marrickville Bowlo is that same Aints! studio album recorded live at a sold out Sydney show two nights prior to the commencement of the album sessions proper. Polished it ain’t. Some arrangements may differ and not everyone is in tune but the quality of the songs and the performance overall place it right next to the studio version as an essential Kuepper artifact.

Hard copy versions of all three releases will be available May 29th via his website and select record stores. All releases will also be available via bandcamp and select digital avenues.