Headcoats Sect

Downliners Sect are one of the great names of British rhythm ‘n’ blues putting out a bunch of singles, EPs, and three albums on Columbia between 1964 and 1966. Considered to make The Pretty Things sound safe and cosy they continued over the years; the founding pairing of Don Craine and Keith Grant keeping the flame burning. They always made for a sure-fire great night and last played at The 100 Club in January; sadly Don Craine died a few weeks after but Keith and the surviving band members pressed on, playing a memorial event at The Half Moon in August, along with The Fallen Leaves and The Masonics.

Now Damaged Goods bring us a tribute 7” EP from Thee Headcoats Sect. Back in the mid-90s Thee Headcoats (Billy Childish, Bruce Brand, and Johnny Johnson) got together with Keith and Don as Thee Headcoats Sect, recording two collections of classic tunes; Deerstalking Men and Ready Sect Go! Now A Tribute To Don Craine finds Keith and the trio back together again with four more grand songs ‘The Baker Street Irregulars’ ‘Oh Leader, We Do Dig Thee’ ‘One Ugly Child’, and ‘The Ballad of Malcolm Laphroaig (Alt Version)’.

Available from next Friday 11th November, pre-order from Damaged Goods now