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Take a listen to ‘I Love Everybody In The Whole Wide World (Except You)’ the first single from Simon Love And The Old Romantics forthcoming LP Love, Sex & Death Etc. Initially reversing the sentiment it had begun as ‘I Hate Everybody In The Whole Wide World (Except You)’ but having covered similar ground with ‘The New Adam And Eve’ he decided to turn up the snark and re-open some old wounds.

Love, Sex And Death Etc is released by Tapete Records on Friday April 8th. The 12 songs, written between 2017 and 2019 mostly, were recorded in two batches in July and November 2020 after being rehearsed for 6 months with the initial plan of recording them as live as possible all together in one room. Simon says, “Apart from COVID-19 and all the death and hand-washing, it was surprisingly the easiest album I think I’ve ever made! We were laser focussed when it came to do these songs and it shows”

Swinging from love songs (‘Me And You’ and ‘I Will Always Love You Anyway’) to hate songs (‘The Fuck-Up’) through all points in-between, the centrepiece of the album is the nigh on seven-minute long pop epic ‘L-O-T-H-A-R-I-O’; “That song started early one morning when a photo popped up on Facebook. I couldn’t sleep and seeing it reminded me that it was taken the evening I almost had a one-night stand. I then wrote out a series of Tweets about what happened (a lot happened) and originally, I thought it could be a poem to put on an album sleeve Bob Dylan style, but somebody replied saying, “It sounds like a Leonard Cohen song” so instead it became a tune. I played it solo for the first time when we toured Europe in the autumn of 2018. It gave the band a much- needed toilet/drink/fag break in the set.”

The non-musical influences for this record include his wife, his son (‘Au Revoir My Dude’ written as a guide to life of sorts), the venal Conservative government (‘I Will Dance’ and ‘You’re On Your Own’), ex-girlfriends (‘North Road’) and his inability to pick up on signals (‘Yvonne’) whereas musically Simon was aiming for (but not always hitting directly) Nick Lowe, Kevin Ayers, Silver Jews, Ween and all the Kinks between 1971 and 1975.


The title Love, Sex & Death Etc comes from the fact that every song mentions or references love, sex and/or death in the lyrics. That fact makes this a concept album but even though it’s a concept album, there’s no through line no direct narrative, so you can listen to it however you want. Simon says, “I’ve asked Spotify to put the shuffle back on for this and I’ve received word back that says my email is very important to them and they’ll get back to me in 5-7 working days”